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Long Retractable Soot blower

long retractable soot blower


  • Designed for cleaning heating surface in case of:

-Environment with high temperature gases (up to 1300 degree C)
-Infeasible to fit rotary Soot Blowers
-Danger of meeting serious choking

  • The lance tube remains outside the boiler/heater when not in operation to prevent overheating and melting of the lance tubes.
  • Optimal design of angle of blowing of the nozzle to ensure thorough cleaning of the tubes
  • Manual and motorised (with provision for manual operation) soot blowers available

Long Retractable Soot blower is a direct drive mechanism, with motor fixed in traveling

Max. Travel10000 mm
No. of MotorsOne
Motor Rating1.1 KW
Max Steam Pr.50 kg/sqcm
Max steam temp.425 deg C
Lance dia (mm) 60.3 / 73 / 88.9
Blowing mediumSteam / Air
Blowing radius(mm)2500 (For fossil fuels / plain tubes)
Areas of applicationSafe / Hazardous (Flame proof)