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Long Retractable Furnace Temperature Probe


Long Retractable Furnace temperature probe is one of our products used to measure the furnace temperature at a desired depth of boiler or furnace covering up to half or one third of the furnace width and accordingly the travel of the temperature will be decided. Our temperature probe can measure a maximum temperature up to 1500 Deg C and up to a furnace depth of 6 meters with water as cooling medium for the lance assembly with thermocouple.

The operating mechanism is similar to that of our conventional LRSB design with additional features enabling the provision for thermocouple with suitable cooling system by the specially designed lance assembly. The Duplex thermocouple length is suitably designed to expose the tip to the flame and fixed to the lance assembly with suitable fittings. The movement of the lance assembly with thermocouple is similar to LRSB lance movement without rotary motion. The thermocouple can be of K or S type depending on the temperature to be measured. The temperature can be measured at various depths of boiler / furnace. The maximum travel is 6 meters.

  1. Temperature probe to measure the temperature across the boiler cross section.
  2.  The maximum temperature shall be up to 1500 Deg C.
  3.  The probe shall be S type or K type depending on the temperature to be measured.
  4.  The thermocouple lance cooling medium is water at a pressure of 6 Kg/sq cm.
Max. Travel6000 mm
Max Temperature1500 Deg C
Cooling mediumWater
ThermocoupleK / S Type.