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Rotary Soot Blowers


  • To clean convection surface – boiler bank tubes, economisers, and air heaters
  • Suited for environments with temperature up to 780 degree
  • Blowing element is permanently held inside the boilers and cleans with a rotary action. Adjustable cleaning area to suit user requirements.
  • Supplied with a mass blowing or lane blowing arrangement (refer following section)
  • Suitable selection of no of nozzles, size and lance material as per application.
  • Manual and motorized (with provisions for manual operation) soot blowers available

Mass Blowing

– Blowing medium is directed over a wider area to cover more than one lane-“shotgun” effect

– Blowing element has fewer nozzle of relatively larger diameter to effect widespread cleaning of three or more rows of tubes at a time

Lane Blowing

Blowing medium is directed down each tube lane – “rifle” effect
-Generally used in the convection section of the boiler or in the case where there is not enough cavity space for mass blowing
-Elements use proportionally more nozzles of smaller diameter compared to the mass blowing arrangements

Max. lance length7500 mm
Rotary Speed1 rpm
Operating Time60 sec
Motor0.37 KW
Max steam Pressure50 kg/sqsm
Max steam temp.425 deg C